Privacy Statement

The Moneyer takes your privacy very seriously and will ensure that any information about you is processed and used safely.To safeguard your privacy, The Moneyer always acts in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).This page contains the Privacy Statement of The Moneyer. We would advise you to read this Privacy Statement very carefully. The words capitalised in this Privacy Statement are defined in the Conditions of Use.

1. Who is The Moneyer?

The Moneyer is a free online service offering Users a way of managing their finances and payment transactions.The Moneyer is part of the private limited liability company Yuuri Holding B.V., with its office in (1018 EW) Amsterdam at Sarphatistraat 47 (registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 52041719).The way in which your personal data are stored and used has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

2. What information does The Moneyer collect and process?


If you want to use The Moneyer, you first need to create a personal Account. When you create such an Account, you are asked to fill in certain information about yourself.You are not obliged to disclose all your data; only a valid email address and a login name are necessary.Your user name does not have to be your own name. You can at any time make changes to the information you provide.


The Moneyer stores and processes all Content you disclose via The Moneyer.If you make Content, for example your financial plans, publicly available, other Users can use this Content and respond to it.In some cases geographical information is linked to the Content. This information is used, for example, to gather details about where you make payments.
If you terminate your Account, The Moneyer will destroy all Content.

Automatically generated information

To ensure that The Moneyer always works in the best possible way (for example, to make sure that pages are shown properly and to secure the Platform), The Moneyer needs certain information.The Moneyer therefore collects automatically generated information on your surfing behaviour while using The Moneyer.This information consists of your IP address (this is the number assigned to your computer so that your computer can be recognised), the type of browser (computer program used to view internet pages), the computer system you use, your account number, the pages you visit on the Platform and “cookies”.Whenever The Moneyer uses this type of information, it is always in an anonymous form.

3. What are cookies and how does The Moneyer use them?

When you use The Moneyer, cookies may be installed on your computer, and these cookies can be accessed.Cookies are small pieces of (textual) information sent by the server to the browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox) so that the browser will send this same information back to the server the next time.Cookies from The Moneyer cannot harm your computer or the files stored on it.

When you use The Moneyer, only cookies from The Moneyer are installed. The Moneyer’s own cookies are made by or for The Moneyer, they are stored on your computer by The Moneyer and The Moneyer has access to those cookies. They are also known as first party cookies. The Moneyer uses only system cookies.The information stored in cookies contains your IP address but not your own name and address or other personal data, and the cookies are removed as soon as you terminate your use of The Moneyer (session cookies).

You can change the settings on your browser so that next time you use The Moneyer, you do not receive any cookies. But if you do, you may not be able to use all the options of The Moneyer, or you may not have access to The Moneyer, or certain parts of it.To learn more about these functions, consult your browser instructions or the Help function of your browser.If you want to use cookies, be sure to log out when you work on a public computer. Never tell anyone else your password to prevent others from using your Account without your permission.

4. For what purposes will The Moneyer use information about you?


The Moneyer will use information about you for the following purposes:

  • To make it possible for you to use The Moneyer and to offer The Moneyer’s services;
  • To draw up anonymised statistical data;
  • For security purposes and to alter and improve The Moneyer;
  • To provide information about you to third parties if you have given your consent to this or if it is required by legislation or regulations;
  • If you have given your consent to this, to make it possible for third parties to send you offers or for The Moneyer to send you offers on behalf of third parties.

The Moneyer wants to keep you informed about developments to its Service. For example, if The Moneyer is expanded or updated, it will inform you about this.The Moneyer may also inform you about campaigns or special offers it organises.The Moneyer uses automatically generated data for statistical and security purposes and to improve The Moneyer.These data may be provided to third parties as long as they are completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to you (no personal data).

Third-party use

If you use the option of sending payment orders to banks using the Plugin, the personal data included in a payment order are provided to the bank that is to carry out the order.You can also opt to share Content with others either temporarily or permanently, for example with your accountant.
Without your explicit consent, The Moneyer will not disclose your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes (for example, so that they can send you offers).The Moneyer may disclose your data to third parties if you have given your explicit consent in relation to a particular third party and/or as long as these data cannot be traced back to youpersonally (for example, automatically generated information, not being your IP address). And finally, The Moneyer may provide your data to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis oflegislation or regulations, if it is obliged to do so by the outcome of legal proceedings and/or if it finds this necessary to protect its own rights.
The Platform may contain hyperlinks; if you click on them, you leave The Moneyer and go to the website of a different party.The Moneyer has no control over the services and/or websites of third parties to which you are linked.It may be the case that a different privacy statement applies to the use of these services and/or websites of third parties.This privacy statement of The Moneyer relates only to data (including personal data) obtained via the Platform.The Moneyer accepts no responsibility or liability for the services and/or websites of third parties, nor for their operation and/or content.

5. How does The Moneyer protect your personal information?

The Moneyer will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data (including your personal data) against loss or any form of unlawful processing.
Because The Moneyer considers it very important that your data are protected, The Moneyer complies with the security and privacy protocols prescribed for financial institutions by the NetherlandsAuthority for the Financial Markets and De Nederlandse Bank.
In addition, your personal data are, as far as possible, stored separately from other data. The data are stored in encrypted form in the secure databases of The Moneyer. For the protection of yourdata, The Moneyer uses a very high level of encryption (military grade).
It is always possible to remove your data from The Moneyer. You can remove your Account by using the “remove account” function in your Account. This removes all personal data that belong with this Account from The Moneyer’s servers.

6. Inspection and correction of your personal data

You can always inspect your (personal) data and where necessary, change them in your Account.

7. Transmission to countries outside the EU

For technical and operational reasons, The Moneyer stores the Platform and all Content and other data in the ‘cloud’. This means that the information is stored dynamically on a number of differentservers which may be located abroad. However, to safeguard your privacy, your personal data will not be transmitted to countries outside Europe.
In the future it may, however, be necessary to transmit your data (including your personal data) to companies and/or advertisers (and their servers) affiliated with The Moneyer in the United States or other countries outside Europe. Because privacy protection legislation there may not offer the same protection as in the European Union, to the extent necessary, you give your consent herewith for the transmission of your data (including your personal data) to the United States or countries outside Europe. Should The Moneyer decide to do this at some future time, you will always be informed in advance.

8. Are minors allowed to use The Moneyer?

If you are under the age of sixteen (16), you must have the consent of your parents or guardian before creating an Account.By accepting this Privacy Statement, you guarantee that you are sixteen (16) years of age or older, or that you have the consent of your parents/your guardian to create an Account.

9. Can changes be made to this Privacy Statement?

This Privacy Statement may be amended. Changes are announced on the Platform and/or in messages to the User.

10. If you have further questions

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, send an email to